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The Other “Other” White Meat

It might be time for pork to step down from its branded role as the logical alternative to chicken. Long-positioned as “The other white meat” by the pork industry until having been rebranded last year as “Pork. Be Inspired.”, it is probably a good time to question how inspiring the mass farming of this highly-intelligent and sentient animal truly is when we consider the amount of growth hormones and antibiotics that are being used to sustain the industry’s staggering output of pork meat. Read More

Posted by: mike

New Era in Fake Meat On The Horizon

fake chicken cutlet

It appears the race is on to create the world’s most realistic 100% vegetable-based simulated meat product. Not only do researchers in the Netherlands claim that their faux meat creation will share an identical texture with its animal-derived counterpart, Stanford researchers confirm that it may very well also play a significant role in reducing world hunger and slowing environmental degradation due to mass livestock farming practices. Read More

Posted by: mike

Epic Veggie Meal Time Parody

Is it even possible to be more over-the-top than Epic Meal Time? These guys seem to think so. Check out their veggie burger video that goes places you probably didn’t expect it to go.

Posted by: mike
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