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Losing weight is easy with this new diet! Try it for free until HalloweenLosing weight is easy with this new diet! Try it for free until Halloween
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Hanging outEat, pray, love.
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Raw Energy Truffles For Kids with Peta2

Posted by: mike

Meat Glue: The Meat Industry’s “Dirty Little Secret”

Meat glue: The meat industry’s “dirty secret”

Millions of hard-earned dollars are spent every day on the meat industry worldwide. Many meat eaters consider it a priority to buy top cuts and “quality” meat, but the meat industry has a dirty secret they have been keeping from its consumers and this additive is called meat glue.

What is meat glue?

The main ingredient in meat glue is called Transglutaminase, a white crystalline powder. TG is an enzyme often derived from the blood of cows and pigs, it is the ingredient that makes blood coagulate or clot. This binds and bonds proteins together, acting as a glue for all protein rich foods such as meats, seafood, pasta, dairy and the vegan staple tofu. It is marketed under the brand name Activa, and is the latest additive introduced to the world by Ajinomoto, the same company that brought us MSG and Aspartame, the famous excitotoxins. It is actually not a new substance and its use has exploded in the culinary world since its approval in 2006, meaning that if you have consumed protein foods since then you have likely been exposed to it, perhaps in larger quantities than you would like or expect.

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Posted by: Brittany Auerbach

Pork Products – Not Your Body’s Best Friend

If you have doubted or questioned becoming a vegan, there is yet another meat-related controversy surrounding the consumption of pork that might provide one more reason to switch to a vegetal diet. Over the last decade, we have all heard about the potential dangers of consuming commercial animal products due to antibiotic and growth hormone residues in the meat, but it may be time to notice how all sources of animal protein today seem to be offering increasing levels of danger to its consumers. Read More

Posted by: Brittany Auerbach

Vegan Sinners Rejoice – Las Vegas Restaurants go Animal-Free


Can it truly be said that once a sinner will always be one? It has been known to happen that, following a long-running identification with being bad, the person or society in question might just experience an unexpected but nonetheless welcome rebirth. New beginnings have always been a driving force of evolution dating back to the dawn of animal and human civilization, and modern society is not exempt from this. Even the epicenter of sin in the United States, Las Vegas, seems to have begun undergoing a recent metamorphosis. Long-revered for openly harnessing any and all behaviour that could be considered indulgent, bad, or dangerous, the Nevada capital has recently begun shedding some of its carnivorous skin, and doing so one restaurant at a time. Read More

Posted by: mike

Tacos by Helicopter – The Future of Food Delivery?


Fly me in some vegan tacos, please

I remember seeing ads for Zabar’s back in the 90’s and thinking, “who in their right mind would airmail in a hot smoked meat platter with to-the-minute, ultra-ASAP shipping?”

Well, leave it up to time and the booming food delivery industry, and now any type of food can be ordered online and delivered to you by the next day at the latest. Funny how for years you could get a bagel and smoked salmon platter mailed to you, but no vegan tacos or burritos. Read More

Posted by: mike
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