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Losing weight is easy with this new diet! Try it for free until HalloweenLosing weight is easy with this new diet! Try it for free until Halloween
Stop wasting time! I wish I started sooner, I've never felt soo good!Hanging out
Gigi and her cookbook, www.nourishingfriends.comMaria with the Vegan Carnivore staff!
Tasty vegan lasagna!Fresh, crisp veggies and Maria's signature dip
Cooking with Maria Amore!Fresh spread

What Do You Know About Your Meat?

By Britney Auerbach

It is no secret that the majority of the food products we find in our supermarkets are lacking in their ability to promote health and vitality. This is apparent in the epidemic levels of chronic illness that is rampant in our population. We have long known that the quality of packaged processed food is of lesser nutritional quality than those of fresh, whole foods. The food industry has marketed the benefits of consuming fresh produce, whole grains and specifically quality meats, but how is the quality of food determined? Who is regulating the food that ends up in our grocery stores and eventually in our bodies? This concept of “quality” foods is one that has been under serious question lately. The laws have changed and our safety is yet again at risk. Read More

Posted by: mike

Peta2 Interviews Vegan Carnivore Host Jessica Watters

Peta2: How long have you been vegan, and what inspired that change in your life?

Jessica: My mother raised my brother and I macrobiotic vegan until I was 6 years old, mainly for health. We became vegetarian when my mother opened her second vegetarian restaurant. I’ve only recently made the transition back to being vegan. After looking at what I stand for there was no denying that I am vegan. A few once in awhile “treats” were all that were holding me back. It’s not hard to be vegan when you have time to cook. When you are on the road or about town it’s not as easy to do. People usually tell me that the reason they can’t keep it up is because it’s so difficult to find variety and delicious dishes. I get that. That’s what we’re trying to help spread with Vegan Carnivore. You can go vegan and make that transition and it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Read More

Posted by: mike

Vegan BBQing – More Than a Summer Pastime

Featured contributor Urvi S.

Summer’s almost over but that doesn’t have to mean barbequing season is too. Fall is a favorite season of many and with the popularization of extreme winter barbequing in recent years, fall seems like the perfect season to bridge the gap between sweaty summer cookouts and challenging outdoor grilling.

As a vegetarian, I’m often left wondering what will triumph my taste buds during those hot, sizzling, and smoky barbeque moments. With the rise in popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets, hosts have become mindful to cater for at least one vegetarian option. In fact, some hosts even encourage bringing preferred alternatives in case their non-meat dishes fail to win over guests’ taste buds. Whether you are devout to your preferences, have strict dietary restrictions, or are allergic to certain ingredients, these are perfect opportunities for wowing guests with your culinary flair. Read More

Posted by: Urvi

Don’t Canoodle Me With That Corn! A Deeper Look Inside GMO Vegetables

By Brittany Auerbach, featured contributor

A recent experience of mine found me in a charming Italian eatery ordering off of the “healthy” gluten free menu in Florida. Armed with the healthiest of intentions, I chose what I believed to be a nutritious and healthy option and what I received was a UFO (unidentified feasting object). Sitting before me was a plate full of bright yellow, odd smelling, Penne Rigate noodles. Being a fairly health conscious individual, I found myself wondering whether the noodle itself was this NY Taxi yellow or if it had been dyed synthetically. Read More

Posted by: Brittany Auerbach

Crudessence, Montreal Raw Vegan Resto

Posted by: mike
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