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Losing weight is easy with this new diet! Try it for free until HalloweenLosing weight is easy with this new diet! Try it for free until Halloween
Stop wasting time! I wish I started sooner, I've never felt soo good!Ready to serve!
Hanging outEat, pray, love.
Having fun in the kitchenGotta fix that hair! ;)
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Vegan Gangnam Style

LYRICS by Hen Perezz:

Eight years ago I decided to go vegan
No more milk and eggs fish and cow and even chicken
Everyone thought that it was just a diet phase
Even my Jewish mama asked if I was going crazy

Every day since then I’m being asked whats a vegan
People talk as if they have a degree in nutrition
They say you know its not healthy that’s the reason you’re so skinny
I say check the FDA and why not read the China Study

What about plants don’t they have feelings when you cut THEM cut a SA-LAD
What about plant don’t they have feelings no they don’t! NO no they don’t NO!



Intelligence don’t matter just the fact that they can suffer
Just for the sake of taste your sending animals to slaughter
You don’t have to love them in order to not kill them
Just like you don’t kill people even thought you’d love to shoot ‘em

No its not a trend, and we don’t have guru
And baby yeah we lots of other things to do
Gary Yourofsky man, best speech you’ve ever heard
‘Bout time to realize your vision has been blurred

What about plants don’t they have feeling when you cut THEM cut a SA-LAD
What about plant don’t they have feelings no they don’t! NO no they don’t NO!



Now that I’m vegan ,my shit smells better
I’m more healthy, ecologic, even happier
Not killing animals makes my conscience clean
Baby check out my glowing skin!!!


Posted by: mike

The Best Vegan Desserts in Toronto

Sweets From The Earth

If you are on the look out for heavenly desserts in Toronto, this company has it all. Sweets From The Earth specializes in freshly-baked goods such as cakes, cookies, loaves, bars, and muffins for vegan, gluten-free and nut-free special diets. They also host a blog where you can learn more about their most-loved baked goods.

The company has dedicated baking facilities that cater to wholesale or special baking requests. Since they do not have a store front, you can either pick up or get your order delivered at an additional cost. To find local stores that stock Sweets From The Earth desserts, look up the company’s website.

 Bunner’s Vegan & Gluten-Free Bake Shop

Located in Toronto, Bunner’s Bakeshop offers vegan and gluten-free desserts. They also make fresh goodies for corporate events and occasions. Whether you need a large order or just a few goodies, visit their store to pick your favourites from a selection of cakes, cup cakes, pies, donuts, creamies, macaroons, breads, and much more.They also offer a delivery service at a flat rate of $12.00 in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and to other all areas, at an additional cost.

Having been voted as Toronto’s Best New Bakery, there surely has to be a reason why Brunner’s is worth stopping at.

  Rashmi’s Bakery

 Rashmi’s Bakery is a party paradise that specializes in eggless, vegan, and nut-free desserts.

This bakery is particularly impressive as it offers custom vegan cake options. Whether you are looking for different ingredients, shapes, sizes, or artistic touches, Rashmi’s Bakery offers it all. For more information about delivery, pick-up, or placing orders, see what they have in store for you.

 For The Love Of Cake

 For The Love Of Cake specializes in gluten-free cakes and custom designs. Their specialty isn’t vegan cakes but they offer custom cake solutions for special occasions and diets.

What’s particularly outstanding about this store is its creative flair. To view their impressive cake designs, visit their website.You can choose to pick up your desserts or opt for their delivery service, which serves Toronto and surrounding areas at an additional cost.

 Enticing Treats

 Enticing Treats makes custom vegan, gluten-free and soy-free cakes and cake products, among other items. The company’s specialty is its gift service, which caters to individuals and corporate companies. In case you’re having a tough time sourcing specialty desserts for occasions, try this place out. You can either call or place an online order for delivery in the GTA as well as for pick up.

Posted by: Urvi

The Little Mary: 5-Layered Raw Vegan Dessert

There are 3 Marias in my immediate family: my grandmother, my younger cousin and me. We are named after our grandmother Maria, as is the custom in Italian families for the first born girl to take her grandmother’s name. Read More

Posted by: Maria Amore

Maria Amore’s Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

I always had a knack for cooking (it’s the Italian background – I was born in the kitchen!), but working as a corporate lawyer wasn’t exactly conducive to putting together nutritious meals that took longer to prepare than popping toasts. Most of the time, I didn’t know whether it was day or night, weekday or weekend, nor what the weather was like outdoors, because, conveniently, my desk and chair were facing away from my office window on the 22nd floor. I still loved it: the adrenaline pumping all the time, the intellectual stimulation, the sense of importance, my ego-self replete with pride; it was, I thought, my dream life. Read More

Posted by: Maria Amore

The Best Vegan Desserts in Montreal

By Urvi Shah

One word resonates in my mind when I think of desserts – yummy. Vegetarians and carnivores are never out of dessert options however if you’re stumped with finding vegan and gluten-free choices, here are a few precious dessert hangouts worth visiting in Montreal:

Read More

Posted by: Urvi
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