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Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

I always had a knack for cooking (it’s the Italian background – I was born in the kitchen!), but working as a corporate lawyer wasn’t exactly conducive to putting together nutritious meals that took longer to prepare than popping toasts. Most of the time, I didn’t know whether it was day or night, weekday or weekend, nor what the weather was like outdoors, because, conveniently, my desk and chair were facing away from my office window on the 22nd floor. I still loved it: the adrenaline pumping all the time, the intellectual stimulation, the sense of importance, my ego-self replete with pride; it was, I thought, my dream life. Read More

Posted by: mike

The Little Mary: 5-Layered Raw Vegan Dessert

There are 3 Marias in my immediate family: my grandmother, my younger cousin and me. We are named after our grandmother Maria, as is the custom in Italian families for the first born girl to take her grandmother’s name. Read More

Posted by: mike

Quinoa Chia Delight Salad + Maria’s Top Ten Reasons to Go Vegan

So I hear that some of you are thinking about incorporating more vegan meals in your diet; others of you are even wondering whether you could become completely vegan. Let’s face it: change is scary and sometimes it just feels like too much effort! However, I am here to help you! There is absolutely nothing that would give me greater pleasure than to help you become aware of truths that have been hidden from view.

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.” ~ Sir Paul McCartney

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Posted by: mike

Red Cabbage and Buckwheat Soba Noodles in Peanut Sauce

On Monday, out of the blue, I got a strong craving for peanut butter. Oh what to do! So many options, but I settled on my favorite Thai-flavours-inspired dish: cabbage and noodles with a sweet n’ spicy peanut sauce! Oh yum!

This is such a tasty and easy dish to prepare. If you have leftovers (BIG IF!), you can refrigerate the noodles and eat them cold the next day. Yes, it’s that delicious you don’t even have to heat it up!

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Posted by: Maria Amore

Hearty 13 Bean, Barley, & Vegan Bacon Soup

Most who try this soup won’t believe that it’s actually completely vegan. But it is, and that’s one of the many aspects that makes this heart-warming soup such a satisfying experience that simply does not get old. It is a blend of a few recipes, but most of all carries a traditional Romanian/Hungarian or more broadly, an old world Eastern European character in both texture and flavour.

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Posted by: mike

Famous Cobb Salad Gone Vegan

I have always been mesmerized by Cobb Salads. With those colorful rows of perfectly arranged, freshly chopped, salad ingredients. Bright red tomatoes, shiny black olives, fresh chopped onions, succulent avocados and more.

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Posted by: Chris

Buckwheat Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Catering to diet restrictions is always a bit of a challenge, and eating vegan is no exception. There are limited (though growing) options in terms of places to eat out, and food products marketed to the vegan eater are often expensive. While the pros of eating vegan far outweigh the cons, these cons can seem weightier if paired with another diet restriction – eating gluten free, for example. A bulk of the aforementioned vegan food products are loaded with wheat proteins and often more elusive forms of gluten. For an unwary vegan eater who’s gluten intolerant or celiac, this could mean a very painful and uncomfortable week to follow, as well as potentially permanent damage to the digestive system. The task of eating vegan and gluten free need not be so daunting, however, nor should it be so limited. Having the patience and resources to create at least some of your diet using whole foods will prove rewarding both financially and physically. Let’s start with an easy breakfast/snack recipe:
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Posted by: Chris
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