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Losing weight is easy with this new diet! Try it for free until HalloweenLosing weight is easy with this new diet! Try it for free until Halloween
Stop wasting time! I wish I started sooner, I've never felt soo good!Ready to serve!
Hanging outEat, pray, love.
Having fun in the kitchenGotta fix that hair! ;)
Gigi and her cookbook, www.nourishingfriends.comGigi and her cookbook Nourishing Friends. to order the book or for more info on the non-profit, whole foods project!

Episode 3 – Super Greens Salad

Super Greens Salad

Jessica’s mom Gigi discusses a nutrient-packed power greens salad while teaching one of her popular cooking classes. The salad is packed with spinach, broccoli, zucchini, onions, peppers, agave nectar, sea water (trace minerals), turmeric, and cayenne pepper. This was the entree before she served up a filling vegan beef on wild rice dish, which should be online for your viewing pleasure shortly.

Posted by: mike

Episode 2 – Tofu Schnitzel Cutlets

Breaded tofu schnitzel cutlets

Today, Jessica prepares a traditional favorite in a very vegan way: Breaded tofu schnitzel cutlets as a delicious alternative to meat.

Posted by: mike

Episode 1 – Tofurky Sausage on Bed of Polenta

Tofurky Breakfast Sausage & Grilled Vegetables on Bed of Polenta

Watch Jessica whip up a hearty dish featuring Tofurky’s breakfast sausages and grilled vegetables, all served on a bed of hot polenta. Recipe coming soon so viewers can try it themselves.

Posted by: mike

Trailer Episode

Vegan Carnivore exists to bridge the gap between vegans and carnivores. With our exciting chefs whipping up a variety of vegan dishes, our cooking show intends to both entertain and educate everyday people on creative ways to diversify and liven up their cooking experiences. The website promises to be a great resource as well. Stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by.

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